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Tucker JR-Corner Pop III

Spike, spikier, and spikiest leads you directly to the Corner Pop III better known as CPIII. Students will start with the fundamental unit of a Corner Beam, change up some fabric placements and pop those corners using the CP III. Admirers of your work will look closely truing to find the curves only to learn that it all has to do with the fabric placement and the use of the CPIII.

Seasons with the SISters

This is the class to support the Seasons with the SISters monthly subscription.

Stitchin' In The Studio

Come join us in the studio for some free stitch time! This "open sew" style class is perfect for those who want a little help with their quilting project or just want to sew in the delightful company of others. Our staff will be on hand to provide help or just to cheer you on!! Join us on Wednesdays to complete those UFO's. **Stitchin' in the Studio is not a replacement for classes. If you did not attend a particular class, you will be charged the class fee to have the class retaught.**

May 26
Time with Tracey
May 26
Quilting 101-Spring 2022
May 26
Mod Squad Sewing Night